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NEAL MORSE - The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two - CD

NEAL MORSE - The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two - CD

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In the latter part of 2022, Neal Morse dedicated his creative efforts to crafting a new Rock Opera, following the successful release of "Jesus Christ the Exorcist." The inspiration flowed, resulting in nearly two hours of music that narrates the story of Joseph, known for his coat of many colors, through the lens of progressive rock, in a style uniquely his own.

Rather than presenting both parts simultaneously as a double album, Neal opted to release the new Opera in two separate volumes. He believed that the strength of both the music and the story warranted this approach, as each album could independently stand as a testament to its intrinsic value.

"The Dreamer - Joseph: Part One" concluded with Joseph unjustly imprisoned. In "The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two," the biblical narrative unfolds, chronicling how Joseph's wisdom and intelligence led him to become the viceroy of Egypt and the eventual reunion of his family.

Once again, Neal Morse assumes the lead vocalist role, while an impressive cast of guest artists, including Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard, Pattern Seeking Animals), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Ross Jennings (Haken), and Jake Livgren (Proto-Kaw, Kansas), join him in this second chapter. They collaborate with members of the Neal Morse Band, such as Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette, among others. Together, they breathe life into this familiar tale through extraordinary music that promises to captivate progressive rock enthusiasts once more. 

As one of the most accomplished composers of our era, Neal Morse consistently delivers. The entire Rock Opera, "Joseph," offers exceptional music that will enrapture both devoted Proggers and melodic rock aficionados alike. With its musical diversity, melodic interludes, harmonious vocals, and remarkable songs, it stands as a testament to his enduring talent.


1. Cosmic Mess
2. My Dream
3. Dreamer in the Jailhouse
4. All Hail
5. The Argument
6. Make Like a Breeze
7. Overture Reprise
8. I Hate My Brothers
9. Guilty as Charged
10. Reckoning
11. Bring Ben
12. Freedom Road
13. The Brothers Repent / Joseph Revealed
14. The Restoration
15. Everlasting
16. Dawning of a New Day (God Uses Everything for Good)

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