HOLLOW HAZE - Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas - CD – Frontiers Records Srl EU
HOLLOW HAZE - Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas - CD

HOLLOW HAZE - Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas - CD

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GENRE: Metal

Hollow Haze formed in 2003 and released six studio albums before disbanding in 2015, when founding member Nick Savio left to form Eternal Idol with famed power metal vocalist Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody), Camillo and Giorgia Colleluori, and Andy Buratto (Hell In The Club, Secret Sphere). Nick wound up resigning from Eternal Idol and decided to reform Hollow Haze with a new line-up and a fresh, new sound. Along with long time bassist Davide Cestaro,, Hollow Haze now also features Fabio Dessi (Arthemis) and Paolo Caridi (MLB) on vocals and drums, respectively.

Nick Savio says, “I'm very excited to be back in the studio with new and old brothers in metal under the Frontiers' flag. The new material is melodic, heavy, and symphonic. In my opinion, there is a perfect connection between all the band members. Everyone was involved in the production process and you can hear many special moments on this record. The collaboration with Frontiers will bring the band to a new level and we will support the album with many live shows soon. See you on the road!!"

The new album, “Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas", includes 12 tracks that will lyrically address the meaning of life and great adventures, while being delivered with tremendous musical passion.

Hollow Haze offers a hard and heavy sound featuring a screaming, warm, melodic voice and deep intense guitar hooks. Listeners can find many different music influences taken from the classic metal glory years and from more modern rock sounds. Thanks to their passion and hard work, "Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas” positions Hollow Haze for a dramatic rebirth in the metal scene.

Nick Savio: Guitars, Keyboards And Orchestral Arrangements
Fabio Dessi: Lead And Backing Vocals
Paolo Caridi: Drums
Davide Cestaro: Bass


  1. Destinations
  2. Oblivion
  3. It's Always Dark Before the Dawn
  4. Through Space and Time
  5. I Will Be There
  6. The Upside Down
  7. New Era
  8. A Different Sky
  9. Resurrection
  10. You Are My End and My Beginning
  11. Behind the Wall

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