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REVOLUTION SAINTS - Against The Winds - LP

REVOLUTION SAINTS - Against The Winds - LP

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GENRE: Hard Rock

Revolution Saints, the band led by Journey vocalist/drummer Deen Castronovo, made a triumphant return in 2023 with a revamped lineup and their latest hit album, "Eagle Flight." Joining Castronovo are new members: bassist Jeff Pilson (known for his work with Foreigner and formerly of Dokken) and guitarist Joel Hoekstra (formerly of Whitesnake and Night Ranger). This new iteration, Revolution Saints MK II, has gifted fans with their sophomore release, "Against the Winds," a captivating album poised to rekindle the fervor for Melodic Rock.

Revolution Saints was initially conceived by Serafino Perugino, the President and Head of A&R at Frontiers Records, to showcase the remarkable vocal talents of Deen Castronovo. While Castronovo had always been respected as a drummer, those who took notice of his background vocals and witnessed his lead vocal performances during Journey shows soon recognized his exceptional singing prowess. Revolution Saints was, and continues to be, a platform to spotlight Deen's incredible vocal abilities.

The first three Revolution Saints albums, namely "Revolution Saints," "Light in the Dark," and "Rise," featured Deen alongside bassist/vocalist Jack Blades (from Night Ranger) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (formerly of Whitesnake and DIO). Revolution Saints MK I left an indelible mark on the melodic rock scene. Now, MK II has seamlessly taken the reins and garnered unwavering support from fans. This latest incarnation of the band presents a sound that is more substantial and refined than ever before.

"Against the Winds," primarily produced and composed by Alessandro Del Vecchio (who also contributes on keyboards and background vocals), delivers what you would expect: captivating vocals, enchanting melodies, and hooks that will linger in your mind for days. With this album, Revolution Saints exhibit a heightened sense of cohesion, energy, and emotion. They solidify their status as giants in the genre, and this album unquestionably reaffirms why they belong at the pinnacle once again.


1. Against the Winds
2. Changing My Mind
3. Fall on My Knees
4. Can't End It Right Now
5. Lost in Damnation
6. Will I See You Again
7. Show Me Your Light
8. Save All That Remains
9. Been Said and Done
10. Diving Wings
11. No Turning Back

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