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Genre: Prog Metal

Turbulence's musical journey began when Mood Yassin sent a sample of a song to Alain
Ibrahim, leading to a collaboration that felt almost destined. The result has been a
fusion of their prog-loving influences, creating a sound that is both technically
proficient and emotionally resonant. The band's goal has always been to bring their
unique style of progressive music from the Middle East to a global audience.  
As Turbulence gears up for the release of "Binary Dream" fans can anticipate another
emotional and sonic roller coaster. The album is expected to feature a diverse range of
musical elements, from intricate rhythms and polyrhythms to ambient soundscapes,
showcasing the band's growth and versatility. 
With their eyes set on the future and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries,
Turbulence remains a stunning revelation for prog metal enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the
release of "Binary Dream" in Spring 2024, as Turbulence continues to leave an indelible
mark on the global progressive music scene.

Tracklist : 
1. Static Mind
2. Theta
3. Time Bridge (Instrumental)
4. Manifestations (Instrumental)
5. Ternary
6. Binary Dream
7. Hybrid
8. Corrosion
9. Deerosion (Instrumental)

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