COBRAKILL - Serpent's Kiss - CD

COBRAKILL - Serpent's Kiss - CD

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GENRE: Metal

Having recently signed a multi-album deal with the label, Frontiers Music srl is proud to present ’Serpents Kiss’, the incredible new record from Dortmund sleazeniks Cobrakill.

Cobrakill is Nikolaos Adamopoulos (Nick Adams), Roman Becker (Randy White), Tim Kräft (Tommy Gun), Jens Weber (Crippler Ramirez) and Tobias Freitag (Toby Ventura).

Having formed in early 2020 and channeling the sound, atttude and ferocity of artists such as Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest and Kiss, it didn’t take long for the band to catch industry attention – indeed – their hard-to-get debut album sold out in weeks – no mean feat for a new band, but no surprise when the songs are THIS good.

Playful and rivetting, Cobrakill blend metal, rock, sleaze and glam and in doing so make music that not only reminds the listener of the glory days of 80’s hair metal but also reminds them that rock and roll is still live and kicking today. Serpents Kiss is a truly infectious rock record which will set the tone for 2024.


1. Above The Law
2. Bazooka
3. Concrete Jungle
4. Razor Blade
5. Monstrous
6. Same Ol’ Nasty’ Rock n’ Roll
7. Torture Me
8. Hungry Heart
9. Seventeen
10. Silent Running
11. Ride My Rocket
12. Velvet Snakeskin

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